Social Sciences

Current Projects

Latinos and Economic Security (2005-Present)

Latinos and Economic Security (LES) is a national research project, funded by the Ford Foundation, with a goal to advance economic security for middle-age and aging Latinos by advocating, developing, and fostering a public policy agenda that prioritizes the needs of the Latino community.

Completed Projects

Hate Speech in the Media (2008-2013)

The Hate Speech in the Media Project is a pilot study on hate speech on commercial talk radio. Its goal is to develop a research methodology for the quantitative evaluation of hate speech.

Mexican American Study Project (2003-2008)

The Mexican American Study Project is a study on intra- and inter-generational change and persistence in ethnic identity and behavior as well as socio-economic mobility among Mexican Americans in Los Angeles and San Antonio.

Brown-Collar Occupations in Local Labor Markets (2002-2004)

This project utilized 1990 Census Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) data on large, immigrant-receiving metropolitan areas to illuminate the earnings attainment process in brown-collar occupations (where immigrant Latinos concentrate).

Maquiladora Murders Project (2002-2004)

This project resulted in a brief, novel, and three-day international conference, "The Maquiladora Murders, Or, Who Is Killing the Women of Juárez?", held in Fall 2003.

UCLA Latino Policy Studies (SCR-43) Research Projects (2002-2009)

Cross disciplinary, policy-relevant research projects on Chicana/o and Latina/o issues in California.